Our vision is to design, create and nurture garden spaces to develop a narrative between the natural and human made environments and to enable an artistically controlled link between us and the wild.

Our gardens become an extension of interior space, harmonise with the natural surroundings and form a journey through the garden itself and within the seasons.

We look to connect all ages with nature and provide spaces of any size for wildlife to alleviate the increasingly challenging conditions of climate change, natural habitat loss and invasive species; this connection with nature has consistently been proved to be both physically and mentally beneficial. 


Any garden, whether it be on a roof, in a city, in the country, large or small, private or commercial, should be a place that reflects individual personality and practical requirement. By consulting closely with the client we focus on these aspirations, such as spaces to educate or entertain, be reflective or fun, calm or bold.


These benefits can also be realised indoors, with plants that remove pollutants to clean the air and provide green spaces in the built environment to lift the spirit. We offer an interior planting design service for both private and commercial clients, bringing the outside in.






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                                                                                                           Mattie Morgan                                                                                                                                                                                                  Fran Lawton                                                                                                                                                                    


                             Mattie's designs are born of his passion for flowers, his delight of spacial connections and of an innate sense                                             Fran's background in dance & art fuels her desire for gardens with movement, colour & artistic interpretation.

                                                of planting harmony passed down from three generations of nurserymen and horticulturalists.                                                                                          


                               He studied at The English Gardening School in Chelsea, won medals at RHS Chelsea & RHS Hampton Court Flower Shows                                        She studied garden design at Capel Manor College and attained her MA in Landscape Architecture 

                                                                    and has been a plant advisor for BBCi at The Chelsea Flower Show.                                                                                                        at Greenwich University and won multiple medals at Hampton Court Flower Show.


                                          Mattie delights in the creation of the new, in the appreciation of the past and the realisation of design.                                                                    Fran has previously worked with Christopher Bradley-Hole & Hill Spink on many prestigious

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                private & commercial landscape projects.


Garden Design - Landscape Design - Interior Planting Design - British Made Garden Tools, Swings and Sculpture 


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