Land Designs offers an interior planting design service for private and corporate clients.



For private clients we design the interior planting for conservatories, orangeries and large roomed residences.




The careful choice and placement of interior plants links inside and outside space, creating a flow between the two and connecting us with the natural. Interior greenery offers a relaxing sanctuary when the weather or season prevents us from enjoying the garden, and a stimulating accompaniment to it when fruitful and fragrant plants are used.



For corporate clients we design schemes to suit the interior decoration and company identity.


Introducing plants to the office environment has consistently been proved to increase employee welfare and health. We design with plants that purify the air, control humidity, absorb carbon dioxide and remove harmful pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia. 




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We design event and Christmas installations, enhancing and complementing existing landscape and internal features. 


We meet to discuss client requirements and produce hand drawn and CAD images of the designs.

Once the design is agreed we project manage the installation.


From simple tree installation, decoration and plant sourcing to fully immersive contructions, Land Designs provides clients with designs that augment your event experience.


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